In Memory Of You
                                We want to always remember
                                 The beautiful life you lived
                                 And keep alive the memories we have
                                 Through remembering what you did

                                 For you're so special to all of us,
                                 A wonderful person indeed
                                 Your love, laughter and warm smile
                                 Reflected a heart that believed

                                Just in the everyday things we do
                                We remember your faith and love
                                In the words you spoke to help us through
                                Is a continued reminder for us

                               Although we miss you so very much
                               We know we'll see you once more,
                               For this is the hope we have in God,
                               Being re-united in the Lord

                                And as we gather we'll continue to share
                                Special times we went through,
                                For these are memories that warm our hearts
                                As we honor the memory of you.
Elaine Marie Gibson

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